Sewing classes for kids in Amsterdam

After a few months of organization, I am finally happy to announce that the sewing lessons for kids are running. The children meet up weekly for 1 hour and a half of fun creative time. In these lessons, they learn how to use a sewing machine and they quickly get […]


Make you own bias tape

If you are like me, you’d like this sewing tutorial, because I am a bias tape lover and I love making bias tape. It makes my handmade garments special, and also, making your own bias tape, is a nice way of using those fabric scraps you have left from other […]


Handmade Tripp Trapp cushion – free pattern & tutorial

My Tripp Trapp chairs’ cushions were getting old so I decided it was time to make new ones. And as usual, I thought of all of you who like sewing and may want to make one of those Stokke chair’s cushion; so here I am sharing this free sewing pattern […]


Top 10 handmade presents for kids

I love handmade presents, I can not deny it. I think that when you make something for someone, that gift becomes special straight away. But finding what to make for everyone is not an easy task. For the past couple of years I have been making all the presents that […]


How to sew a button with the sewing machine

This sewing trick is one of my favorites. A while ago I would had not even imagined we could sew buttons with the sewing machine! But after seeing all those gadgets that come when you buy a sewing machine and doing my little research on some of them, I discovered […]


Mermaid Tail Blanket – Sewing tutorial

I love mermaids! Who doesn’t love mermaids? When my daughter was invited to a couple of friends’ birthday parties I sat down to figure out what kind of handmade gift I could make for a 9 years old. Then, a mermaid tail came to my mind. A mermaid blanket is […]


Sewing tip – turning your straps easily

When sewing, we always try to find a better way of doing things, specially those that are time consuming like returning a strap that has been sewn right sides together and which width doesn’t allow to return right sides out so easily. Who hasn’t spent long times trying to sew […]

Sewing lessons in Amsterdam

Back to sewing school!

It is that time of the year again! the new school year school and so it is time to get back to our sewing classes, yeepee! After a (way too) looong summer break without touching our sewing machines, we are all happy to get back to our serious business! In […]


DIY Backpack interior pocket and lining – sewing tutorial & pattern 2/2

A few days ago, I published the first part of this school backpack sewing tutorial. I went through the first steps to make the outside of the backpack. In this second series I’ll show you how to make the interior pocket and lining to have a beautiful backpack both on […]


DIY Backpack – sewing tutorial & pattern 1/2

Now that most of us are on holidays, it is the perfect time to start prepping things for when it’ll be time to go back to school. And who says back to school, says a school backpack! My daughter needed a new backpack for September so instead of buying a […]


How to Up-cycle a Men’s shirt into a summer top

Last Saturday I looked at the Men’s shirt stash that my husband created a few days ago and since I wanted a summer top I thought it would be a great idea to use one of them and just up-cycle it. I wanted a “quick sewing project” and transforming this […]


Handmade soft sword pattern

My little monkey loves playing with swords and at home there is none (first boy after 2 girls). As much as I like to see him having so much fun with swords, I think that sword toys can be dangerous (specially seeing the way he plays and fights with them, […]


April’s Sewing Lessons

April has been a short month for sewing. We have had a long 2 weeks break plus an extra off day because of King’s Day in The Netherlands. Even though the time we had to sew was not long, we still made some progress in our sewing workshops (when the […]


A Girl’s summery capsule wardrobe series – N° 3 – A bloomer styled short

This is the 3rd article of my Girl’s summer capsule wardrobe series. You can see how it all started with a knit dress here, and then, how I made a ruffled sleeve top (that I really like) here. After sewing a dress and a top, I thought it was time […]


How to make a scrunchie elastic hair band

Carrie Bradshaw, all my apologies. You know I am a big fan of yours, I even was inspired by you to make this gathered dress here. I know I’ve watched Sex and the City so many times that I must know half of the dialogues… But I must say that […]


March sewing lessons

Another month of sewing lessons! it goes so fast! As you can see below, everyone is super busy during the sewing classes. Patterns all over the place, sewing machines, fabric, colored threads, sewing tools… And right here, Marie’s bias practice! Not her favorite thing to sew, but she’ll come back […]


Girl’s summery capsule wardrobe – Series N° 2 – Ruffled sleeves top

A couple of weeks ago I started the first chapter of this girl’s summer capsule wardrobe. As promised then, I’ll show you how to do a ruffled top using the same technique I used for the knit dress. For this ruffled sleeves top I got inspired by the Flamenco dress […]


3 sewing machines for 3 different occasions

I get asked many questions related to sewing tools, either through this blog, my social media platforms or during my sewing lessons. So whenever I have a little bit of time I do my little research and try to find the best options to answer those needs for sewing tools, […]


My list of essential sewing tools (that you should have too!)

I have been sewing for a while now; and the more you sew, the better you get at it but also your sewing tools box get smarter (and fuller). When sewing you don’t want to waste your time (or even worse, your materials) so little by little you start getting […]


February’s sewing lessons

February was a month rich in sewing projects in our sewing classes in Amsterdam. The ladies started the month in a busy way! Once you start your sewing lessons, there are so many sewing projects that come to your mind that you can not stop! You can see them below, […]


Fabric hunting in Abidjan

Last February we went to visit some friends that are now living in Abidjan, in the Ivory Coast. Do you remember that last week I started a series of capsule wardrobe making for my daughter since we were traveling? well, now you know why 😉 As usual when I travel, […]


How to make a Girl’s summery capsule wardrobe series – N° 1

Last week we started packing up our baggage for our future holidays in the Ivory Coast to visit our friends. We soon realized our biggest daughter had not a single garment at her size for a hot weather. She has already outgrown all the clothes she was able to wear […]


DIY – Macrame Wall Deco

If you follow my little adventures through this blog you’d know by now that we recently moved from Singapore to Amsterdam (if you didn’t know it, that is ok too 😉 ) 4 months after moving in, I felt that our house needed a little bit of personalized decoration so […]


January’s sewing classes

This month has been really productive in our sewing classes in Amsterdam. It is very joyful to see the ladies having so much fun and learning to sew so quickly week after week. We started the sewing workshop right after the holidays, from where we left it in December. Some […]


Handmade Garland – Sewing tutorial & pattern

In this article I will show you how to make a handmade garland. Making a handmade garland is very easy and is such a nice handmade decoration or gift for any occasion. As in pasts articles, I love making handmade gifts whenever I can so when my daughter was invited […]


Arrow cushion sewing tutorial and pattern

When Megan from Cmon Get Crafty suggested hosting a de-stash party I could only think of joining! First, this is a good way to put your creative skills to the prove, second, you get to meet other crafty people around the globe (and all having the same little crafty and […]


10 Awesome St. Valentine’s DIY Gift Ideas

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and I love handmade gifts. I thought that it’d be a great idea to do a best-of St. Valentine’s Day DIY gifts article to share with you. This way you have 10 different St. Valentine’s Day gift ideas that you can make yourself. These […]


Pineapple cushion tutorial

Today I am sharing with you this fun sewing project! A pineapple cushion sewing tutorial to help you make a pineapple cushion perfect for decorating, doorstop, book-stop, and many other usages! The pineapple cushion is a trendy decorating object that can be made in many different fabrics and shapes for […]


Handmade cloud pillow – tutorial & pattern

In this article I will show you how to make a handmade cloud pillow in no time! My daughter was asked to bring a gift to one of her extra curriculum activities that could be nice for both boys and girls so what a better idea than to make something […]

From chunky to super chunky yarn

From chunky to super chunky yarn

A couple of weeks ago I bought 28 a few 😉 balls of chunky yarn from (aff link) this is my second time buying yarn from them and I really like it. Shipping is free after 50 euros and you get it in a few days. And the yarn […]


Imagine Dress – Sewing contest

When Louis Antoinette launched the 2 session of the #hacklamode sewing contest I could only think of participating in it. The rules are easy, you download their Imagine dress for free and and send a picture showing your version before December 4th (you still have time if you want to […]

sweater pattern sewing project

Kids sweater pattern release

Sew a Little Seam just released a new pattern. And this one is very special. The new Constance sweater pattern comes with many different options (puffed or normal sleeves, with our without hood, front pocket, elbow patches and even a dress version of it). It also comes in 3 months […]


Handmade baby doll carrier – Sewing tutorial & pattern

My daughter was invited to a birthday party and what a better gift that something handmade specially for the girl that throws the party, don’t you agree? The little girl is turning 4 so I thought that a handmade baby doll carrier would be something that she would like. As […]


How to avoid ripping your garment when making button holes

Have you ever finished a garment and the only remaining thing is to do the button holes, open them and then… you rip the whole garment… well, it has happened to me, and I can confess that it is super annoying, frustrating, enraging… Here I am going to show you […]


Wool & The Gang Knitting Patterns – Special discount!

Hello knitting lovers! Just a quick message to let you know that Wool and the Gang is having a 25% discount on their patterns from now until midnight Sunday 13th of November. If you love their yarns and their knitting patterns as much as I do, you’d be happy to […]


Pocket with flap – Sewing tutorial

A few weeks ago I was making a cargo pant from Revista Patrones and the pattern had side pockets with a flap. Since the sewing tutorial that comes with the pattern in the magazine is really minimal, the flap pockets weren’t very well explained. So I decided to do my […]


Handmade Mittens – Sewing tutorial & pattern

Hola sewing friends! Winter is coming (or at least it is here) so last week I decided to sew a pair of handmade mittens for my husband. He bikes to work so his hands were getting colder and colder; I thought that making him a pair of handmade mittens would […]


OOTD – Navy vintage style

Hello handmade fashion fans! Today I am wearing a navy vintage style or what I also call a very Jean Paul Gaultier style. I made this vintage style trousers last week, following a pattern from Revista Patrones (number 366). Although they had shown in a heavy wool, I decided to […]


Hand-knitted Baby Sweater

I started knitting like 30 years ago. I still have hand-knitted dresses I made for my Barbie, and their design is not that bad! I have always loved knitting but never got too good or an expert at it. Mainly because instead of following a pattern, I like doing things […]


Lunch Box Bag – Tutorial

Hello there! This lunch box bag project started a few days ago when my daughter started going to school and had to bring a lunch box. I thought she would love to bring it in a nice, cutie and personalized lunch box bag. Follow the below Lunch Box Bag Tutorial […]


Pattern making course

Last week I announced the launch of my sewing workshops in Amsterdam. Well, that is still on, but this week I am the one that is taking classes. I joined the Amsterdam Fashion Academy to follow an intensive course on Pattern Making to make a tailored jacket. Isn’t that great? […]


Sewing workshops in Amsterdam

I am so happy to announce the opening of my Sewing Workshops in Amsterdam in a couple of weeks. Since we arrived to Amsterdam I have been making my studio cozy and welcoming so that all those wanting to learn how to sew can feel at home while learning the […]


An unexpected Wembley cardigan by Seamwork

I had this Wembley cardigan pattern for a few months. I knew the day would come I would like to make it. I didn’t know what fabric to use but one of the coupons I bought last week at the fabric market was perfect for it. So I took the […]


How to sew your home slippers – tutorial and pattern

My daughter needed new slippers and I decided to sew a new pair of them for her. I thought that sewing slippers for her was a cute project to make and she would be super happy to know that I had made them specially for her. Together we had bought […]


Fabric Market in Haarlem – update

So as promised on my last article, I went to visit this Huge Fabric market that took place yesterday near Haarlem (The Netherlands). I felt like I was a “woman on a mission” since I had to report back to you 😉 My first impression was “wow!”. I entered the […]


Fabric market Alert!

Hello sewing fans! Just a quick article to let you know that I found this upcoming HUGE fabric market that will take place TOMORROW Sunday October 2nd near Haarlem (The Netherlands). I was browsing my Facebook yesterday when I saw some enticing (mountains of fabric 😉 ) pictures so I […]


Piped cargo pocket with zipper – tutorial

This week I had to make piped pockets with zipper for my work-in-progress cargo pants and decided to make this tutorial for you and maybe save you some time 😉 This tutorial will explain you step by step how to make a piped cargo pocket with zipper, or more generally, […]


Adult Ollie Bomber

Last week I was one of the few lucky ones chosen by Kelly from Sew a Little Seam to test her new Ollie Bomber pattern for Adult. Do you remember a few weeks ago when I said that I was going to test new patterns? Well, time has come! This […]


OOTD – Going all Pineapple!

Here is my OOTD (or Outfit Of The Day 😉 ) Seeing that the weather is slightly changing towards Autumn, this morning I decided to go Bananas Pineapples! This crazy fabric was a find one of my sewing friends. Once she showed it to the Couture Nomad’s team, we all […]


Twisted Plantain Tee

Well known is the Plantain Tee proposed by Deer and Doe (by the way this t-shirt pattern is free). To me, it was me first time making a wearable garment in knit. One of my sewing friends suggested to do a Plantain-make meet up with 2 other friends so we […]


Visiting an Arras

Handmade clothes are best! Today we wanted to visit an Arras situated in Amsterdam. Our daughter wants to pick back where she left it a few years ago so we decided to come and see. I needed comfy clothes so I went with these navy trousers and the Sorbetto top […]


The Ollie Bomber (sewing project)

A few months ago a sewing friend posted her version of the Ollie bomber in a group where we share our sewing projects. It looked so cute that I did my little research and I found the pattern made by Sew a little seam that I bought straight away. It […]


Sewing challenge on Instagram

Once again, Rachel from HouseofPinheiro embarked all us sewing aficionados into this new sewing challenge on Instagram, the #sewphotohop Instagram challenge. During the whole month of September, she proposes a sewing related theme every day and instagrammers who want to participate share a picture representing it. I love this kind […]


Handmade Batik

Maya Shirt Sewing Pattern review

Maya Shirt by Les Cousettes

A few days ago I was on Instagram and I don’t know how, I fell upon Les Cousettes picture proposing her Maya blouse pattern for free and oh well, who doesn’t like a cute free sewing pattern? So I sent Aurore, the founder, an email to get it. A few […]


Pattern tester 

Sew a little seam is a lovely pattern brand that I got to meet a few weeks ago. A sewing fellow shared a cutie bomber jacket she had sewn for her daughter using one of their patterns and at that time there was an special offer to buy the pdf […]


Need to choose 2 sewing patterns

My lovely friends offered me a voucher to use on Anna Ka Bazaar‘s website for my farewell. They are all sewing fans (and Couture Nomad’s sewing teachers like me) so they knew that offering me the possibility to get sewing patterns, fabric or haberdashery items would be a great gift! […]


Self-drafted baby shorts sewing pattern

Yes you’ve heard it, I have self-drafted my first sewing pattern ever! And I really liked it. I was not into the pattern making; I am more a cut and sew kind of person because what I really like is to create, I love seeing the different pieces of fabric […]


Sewing contest

If you have been following my sewing stories here you may know by now that I am a big fan of Couture Nomad. A small sewing related business that provides with sewing workshops either in different cities or online. But not only that, they also have some cool patterns for […]

Lifestyle Singapore

Handmade fair

Busy week! This weekend I am participating for the first time in the Summer fair at Loewen by Dempsey Hill here in Singapore. Among the things I will be selling are the Bosabo clogs that I imported to Singapore. I love this product, handmade in France with beautiful and noble […]


Me Made May 2016

It has been a great Me Made May month! This handmade (sewing, crochet, knit,…) clothing challenge was launched by Zoe, from So Zo What do you now blog a few years ago, and aims to make people conscious of the things we wear. To participate, one only has to wear […]

How to make piping bias binding

Make you own piping bias binding

Hello there! I love using piping bias binding on my sewing projects. And a few months ago I heard that you could make your own piping bias binding on your own… at first I thought “no way!” but the more I use it (and run out of it) the more […]


5 simple steps to make DIY Personalized Shoes

A few days ago, I explained you how to make a DIY personalized t-shirt. Following the same technique, today I am going to explain you how to easily customize some basic shoes and make them go from simple shoes to really fashionable ones! Supply list: One pair of plain shoes! […]

DIY personalize handmade Heart-t-shirt

St. Valentine’s DIY Gift

I love crafts and making things with my little hands. One of the things that I love doing is personalized and unique t-shirts. It all started when viewing all those fashionistas wearing these ‘call to action’ t-shirts or t-shirts with a lovely sentence or image, like “Make Love & Not […]