3 sewing machines for 3 different occasions

I get asked many questions related to sewing tools, either through this blog, my social media platforms or during my sewing lessons. So whenever I have a little bit of time I do my little research and try to find the best options to answer those needs for sewing tools, sewing notions, sewing machines etc
You can see here my article showing the sewing tools that I feel are essential for sewing

In this article I will present some sewing machines that I think are good for specific moments; first question that usually comes is what sewing machine to buy for a kid. I know that Janome has some “mini” sewing machines since I bought one for my daughter about a year ago. These sewing machines are good for kids because they are simple to use and they also have a special foot that protects your kid’s fingers from being caught by the needle. They are kid’s friendly but sturdy at the same time. You can find this kid’s friendly sewing machine by clicking in the below picture.

Another request that comes often is what sewing machine buy when you are traveling and want to bring a sewing machine. I have seen that Janome has the same sewing machine I just presented but in a Platinum version, which basically gives you more options when it comes to the thread tension, stitch length, etc

And one last question that I would try to reply here today is what basic sewing machine to buy for a beginner. Well, I have been using Brother for many years now, and from the different ones that I have I think that the Brother XN2500 is a good one to start with and to keep for a long time. It has a wide range of stitches, it is easy to use and it still is sturdy.
Here is the link of the Brother XN2500 sewing machine.

If you have any other questions I’d be glad to add the answers to this article, so don’t hesitate to let me know.


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