5 simple steps to make DIY Personalized Shoes

A few days ago, I explained you how to make a DIY personalized t-shirt. Following the same technique, today I am going to explain you how to easily customize some basic shoes and make them go from simple shoes to really fashionable ones!

Supply list:

  1. One pair of plain shoes! For this example, I bought some white street slippers kind of shoes
  2. Fabric Screen Printing Ink, take the color you want to use.  For this example, I used the same moiré black or shimmer opaque that I used for the DIY t-shirt I explained in my other post. I have also added glitters, but this time, tons of them to have the most sparking shoes! glitters.
  3. A slim brush, it will be easier to paint the borders and the inside


    1. Start painting the image you want to be featured at the top. Once finished, start painting the back part. This gives them a retro look!
    2. Before starting with the second shoe, spray the glitters on all the surface you just painted (make sure the painting is still wet so it works as glue!)
    3. Take a paper tissu and softly press the glitters so that all get sticked to the painting.
    4. Do steps 1, 2 and 3 with the other shoe.

Wait for 60 minutes to be dry and then, you can start wearing your shoes!

DIY Personalized Shoes





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