A Carrie Bradshaw like dress DIY

Hello fellow sewing and DIY lovers!
I don’t know if, in addition to loving sewing and making your own clothes you are also a fan of Carrie Bradshaw (well, not necessarily needed to continue reading this article 😉 ); but at least, we must admit that the clothes she wear in Sex and the City are just gorgeous and fashion milestones. I love watching the series also to admire all the outfits she wears and get inspired by them (even 10 later I think the look fantastic and very actual by the way).
A few weeks ago, I was watching Sex and the City again and I spotted one simple but very summer looking dress she was wearing. A punchy green strap-less gathered dress that you can see in this picture here.
carrie-bradshaw-green-juicy-couture-strapless-dress-sewing diy
I thought “what a cutie and simple dress to sew!”
Now that I take a deeper look at the picture I realize she was pregnant; I was also pregnant when I spotted the dress (coincidence or destiny??).
I actually have the pattern from one of my Couture Nomad’s patterns, so it was a no-brainer to make it. The next day I ran to buy some nice green fabric in Joo Chiat Complex (Singapore) and I found exactly what I was looking for.
The fabric was pretty cheap and I also bought some other colors of the same fabric (as well as other fabrics of course!). And I came back home to sew my gathered dress.
This project is pretty simple and straight forward. You just have to cut a piece of fabric of 1 and a half your size and the length that you desire, on the fold. I had to cut 2 pieces instead of one because my dimensions didn’t fit on the fabric I had bought. I just sew them together on both sides, instead of one.
After sewing them together to make a big tube with your fabric and doing the seam on the top part, you just have to start gathering the dress with the elastic tread (this part can be a little bit tricky due to the tension of the thread and depending on how big is your chest, it might take a while…).sew a gathered dress

sew a gathered dresssew a gathered dress

Couture Nomad’s pattern comes with straps, and since I am not as fit as Miss Bradshaw I added them to my dress. I decided to use a blue fabric to make the straps (otherwise my dress would be way too green) and I added a blue hem (same color as the straps) by adding 5 cm of blue fabric at the bottom of the dress.

sew a gathered dress
sew a gathered dress

sew a gathered dress

sew a gathered dresssew a gathered dress



This dress if super easy to sew and you can wear it all summer long!


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  1. I envy people who can sew! I would love to make my own clothes and accessories because Ai can’t always find what I want in store. Carrie is always great for inspiration.

    • Hi Allison, sewing seems too complicated when you don’t know anything about it, but with a few lessons or someone to teach you a few things you’d be able to make many garments, believe me. Let me know if I can help!

  2. That looks so easy! Love her style sometimes, other times it made me want to burn her wardrobe haha.

  3. Such a cute dress,perfect for spring/summer. I love Her style so much 🙂 Thanks for sharing

  4. Very cute! Love the blue strap detail.

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