Adult Ollie Bomber

Last week I was one of the few lucky ones chosen by Kelly from Sew a Little Seam to test her new Ollie Bomber pattern for Adult.

Do you remember a few weeks ago when I said that I was going to test new patterns? Well, time has come!

This Ollie Bomber is the Adult version of the children bomber one that I made a few months ago for my daughter. This is how I got to know Sew a Little Seam patterns.

I really wanted to test this pattern for I had to first clean and set up my all new sewing studio that was still covered by our packing boxes. Here is a picture of how my sewing studio looked before starting this sewing project. sewing-lessons-amsterdam

And here is a picture, a few hours later when it was clean and tidy. I like tiding it every other day (if not every night) so that I can see better the different pieces and things around the room. A sewing room can get super messy, right?


I also knew I would had to sew this project even though I still had 2 of my 3 children around all the time with me (see me pinning one piece of pattern, going to see what the little one is mangling doing, screaming ,cleaning the mess again, back to my little atelier, pinning another piece of pattern, and the story goes on…).

But with a little time in here and there, I was able to finish the bomber on time.


Overall, I love love love this pattern, but what drives me crazy (the good crazy) are those welt pockets. At the beginning, you don’t understand very well what you are doing and you think they’ll never fall together, and then, hop! you have those beautiful pockets.


Another close up of the welt pockets, did I mention that I like them? 😉ollie-bomber-woman-sewing-pattern-welt-pocketI used a knit instead of a French terry as suggested by Kelly and since it was super stretchy I thought it would be good for the structure of the bomber to put a light jean lining. I would love have been able to make it reversible but I didn’t have a reversible zipper and didn’t have the time to find a place where to buy it in Amsterdam (I’m new here!).ollie-bomber-woman-sewing-pattern-close-up

I shortened it 5 cm, I thought this length would fit me better and now that I see it, I think it is perfect!!ollie-bomber-woman-sewing-pattern-tested

This sewing project took 5 days to be completed but it was worth it! I wear my new bomber every single day and I find it super comfy and modern.

Here we are, 2 of my kids, my Ollie Bomber, my Bakfiets and me riding the streets of Amsterdam! Oh! and my little daughter is wearing her own Ollie bomber 😉


If you want to sew this bomber I suggest you keep an eye here because the pattern is about to be released.

I am sure I’ll be making more of this (I also promised one to my oldest daughter…)

Do you have a mid-season jacket? Or maybe you are making one? share it here, I’ll be glad to read you!





  1. what a lovely jacket! i wish i had a sewing space like that your so lucky

  2. I love it! It looks really good on you. Your sewing space is perfect! I wish I had a dedicated crafting spot in my house instead of the dining room table. ????

  3. This looks SO comfy! I can’t wait for the pattern to come out! 🙂

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