Arrow cushion sewing tutorial and pattern

When Megan from Cmon Get Crafty suggested hosting a de-stash party I could only think of joining! First, this is a good way to put your creative skills to the prove, second, you get to meet other crafty people around the globe (and all having the same little crafty and destash challenge at the same time) and third, you get to destash some, in my case fabric, and make a cute project with it.

After giving it a thought for a few days, and seeing how people are liking my pineapple cushion and my cloud pillow I came up with the idea of making small fabric arrow cushions that can be used for many different things. I needed some sewing weights to place onto my patterns when I am tracing them, so I thought these arrow cushions filled with some sand inside would be perfect (and cute) for that.

I used some fabric scraps that my niece at L’Atelier A had given me these past Holidays. The fabric is cheerful and has the some kind of chevron design on it that it is perfect for the arrow direction. The other side of the fabric has embroidered straight lines that also add that movement to the arrow.

If you are ready to follow this Arrow cushion sewing tutorial, just continue reading. You’ll see how easy is to make them and how you can de-stash some fabric scraps and make cute objects.

Materials needed for the Arrow cushion:

How to make your arrow cushions:

Once you have downloaded the free pattern, cut the arrow once. And simply cut it twice on the fabric (just by folding your fabric as usual). Don’t forget to add the seam allowances (I usually add 1 cm).

Place the 2 separate pieces together, right sides facing.

Sew your arrows all around, at 1 cm from the edge (your seam allowance) and leave a big gap on one side as you can see in the below picture.

Notch the edges and also cut a slit on the angles created by the seam, at the bottom of the arrow. Pay attention to not cut the seam.

Turn your fabric right sides out through the whole you just left. Make sure you push out all the little corners so that they look sharp from the outside.

Your handmade arrow cushion will now look like this (there is a whole on one side but you can not see it 😉 )

Insert your batting through that whole. If you want to make the arrow cushion heavy, to use it as a sewing pattern weight for instance, you can insert rice or sand (using a balloon to keep the sand inside). Add the batting all around it to make it soft.

Once the arrow cushion has been filled up, you just need to close it with a slip hand-stitch.

You can make a few arrow cushions to decorate, or like in my case use them as a sewing pattern weight so that my patterns don’t move while I am tracing them.

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And to finish to what I started, which is the de-stash challenge organized by Cmon Get Crafty, you can see below all the projects submitted!










  1. These are so pretty and I love your fabric choices. I have only recently been brave enough to tackle a pattern while sewing. I love the idea of making these for pattern weights!

  2. These arrow pillows are so fun! I don’t sew, so I don’t really know the benefit of weights for sewing, but if you needed one, I think you made the cutest ones!

  3. These are so fun! My sister-in-law would love one of these.

  4. I love sewing and wanted to add some Valentine’s Day accents to my decor, so I think I might make one of these!

  5. What fun fabrics! I’m in love with the red arrow 🙂 Great idea to use them as pattern weights, too 🙂

  6. Very cute! The fabric is fun and perfect for Valentine’s Day without being traditional. Stopping by from the crafty destash challenge

  7. I love this idea. The material you selected is perfect for the arrow design. I will need to make some to hold down my patterns or even paper, much more stylish than grabbing whatever is on hand.

  8. Perfect for Valentine’s Day. Great job.

  9. I have tons of fabric and I’ll have to make a giant arrow for my daughter. I think she’ll love this.

  10. Cute Valentine’s Day decor project! Love a good sewing idea. Visiting from Crafty Destash.

  11. You are awesome for sewing all those turns and corners that well!

  12. These are so sweet. I love the shape and how you could make them in any colour. So fun.

  13. So adorable and prefect for Valentine’s Day!!

  14. So cute! I love those fabric prints.

  15. Oh my gosh – these are sooooo cute!!!

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