Girl’s summery capsule wardrobe – Series N° 2 – Ruffled sleeves top

A couple of weeks ago I started the first chapter of this girl’s summer capsule wardrobe. As promised then, I’ll show you how to do a ruffled top using the same technique I used for the knit dress. For this ruffled sleeves top I got inspired by the Flamenco dress that one of me students is making in my sewing lessons.

This time it was even easier because I had my daughter’s real size.

If you also want to make a ruffled sleeves top just follow these easy steps.

To start with this new ruffled sleeves top I used the knit dress I had made her the day before. I pretended to trace the same kind of front and back, but make the sleeves a little bit wider in order to add a ruffled short sleeve. Also, in order for her to be able to pass the head through the neckline, I decided to open the back and add some button snaps to close it. In addition to the practical side of it, it would give a nice look to the back of the top.

I folded the knit dress in half and traced the edges on top of the new fabric.

If you are following my sewing tutorials maybe you recognized here the fabric I used to make the baby doll carrier and one of the pineapple cushions 😉

Instead of tracing the length of the fabric, I stopped right below her waistband length.


Once I had traced the front, I traced the back and added 2 cm for the button holes allowance (remember the back is cut from the top to the bottom). See below.Ruffled-sleeves-handmade-top-for-girl---sewing-blog

Front and back cut, I just serged (you can also zig zag) the edge of the center back, both left and right sides. Then, fold the seam allowance at about 1,20 cm and top-stitch it from the right side of the fabric. On both back pieces.Ruffled-sleeves-handmade-top-for-girl---sewing-blog

Then, I just simply stitched front and back shoulders together, right sides facing, and serged them. Once the shoulders were sewn together, it was time for the side seams. Ruffled-sleeves-handmade-top-for-girl---sewing-blog

Then, it was time to trace the ruffled sleeves (yes, I did it once I had sewn all the other pieces together, in order to measure the exact length of the armhole). Here you just have to trace a circle (the bigger the circle, the longer the sleeve). I traced it freehand (you can see my circle is not perfect) but you can use a compass tool if you are looking for perfection 😉

Cut your circle in the center and trace and cut a reversed drop. Your drop measurement has to be at least as long as the measurement of your armhole. If your drop length measure is longer, you will just have more ruffles/gathers on your sleeve. Also, pay attention to how big is your drop because the length of your sleeve will decrease when the drop size increases (I hope all this is clear!!).Ruffled-sleeves-handmade-top-for-girl---sewing-blog

I cut 2 circles as you can see below. I zig zagged the external edges, I didn’t want to do a hem. A matching color thread looks pretty to me.Ruffled-sleeves-handmade-top-for-girl---sewing-blog

Once your sleeves are zig zagged, stitch the bottoms together to close your sleeve. Then pin them on to your bodice, shoulders against the drop. If your sleeve is longer than the armhole, I suggest you to do a temporary gathering in order to help you place the sleeve without making unwanted pleats.


After stitching the sleeves to the bodice, I serged both ends together and topstitched the sleeve to the shoulder from the right side of the fabric as you can see in the below picture. It looks so neat!Ruffled-sleeves-handmade-top-for-girl---sewing-blog

To finish your ruffled sleeve just add the buttons at the back. I used snap buttons because I find they are super easy to put and much more child friendly.

Also, don’t forget to finish your neck-hole. Here I added a visible and contrasting bias tape to add some overall sparkle to the ruffled sleeves top.

And the last steps is of course, to do your hem!

I was so proud of how it looked like and it really took me less than 2 hours to make it from beginning to end!

What do you think of it?Ruffled-sleeves-handmade-top-for-girl---sewing-blog


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  1. I love how fresh and summery the Fabric is. This is a simple design but looks beautiful. Love this piece.

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