From chunky to super chunky yarn

From chunky to super chunky yarn

A couple of weeks ago I bought 28 a few 😉 balls of chunky yarn from (aff link) this is my second time buying yarn from them and I really like it. Shipping is free after 50 euros and you get it in a few days. And the yarn is lovely and of very nice quality.
I received my chunky yarn this week yay! and I started a new knitted jumper project. Of course, the jumper project I was working on was put aside to start a new one with this mixed wool yarn. (That is the way I am, instead of doing one project at a time, I have 2 or 3 and I feel it takes me ages to finish them… well, maybe some day I’ll change… As of today, I have 2 jumpers in progress including this new one and 1 crochet taxidermy project  that has been on hold for a few weeks now…).
Even though the yarn was chunky, I wanted to give it an even chunkier look and feeling. I wanted a jumper that looks chubby (lol!). I decided to transform my chunky yarn into super chunky yarn 😉 so what I did is to use 2 balls at the same time when knitting and use it as if it the yarn came only from one yarn ball. My jumper is not only growing quickly (due to the heavier amount of yarn) but it also feels warmer and chubbier (exactly what I was looking for).

From chunky to super chunky yarn

How to make your yarn go from chunky to super chunky? Here is my quick knitting tip 😉 very easy, take 2 balls of yarn and just take them together when starting your stitches. Then, continue knitting this way through the whole knitting project. From chunky to super chunky yarn

You can even mix 2 different colors of yarn to get this look.From chunky to super chunky yarn

I used 2 different colors of chunky yarns to make a smooth transition from the red yarn to the beige yarn instead of having a color bloc.

The front part of the jumper is almost finished (quickest knitting project I’ve ever done). This cutie handknitted baby sweater took me months to finish (I wasn’t knitting every single day… you got it, right?;-) ) As soon as the jumper is finished, I’ll share the knitting pattern (self made) here!

I love super chunky yarn. What is your favorite one?

From chunky to super chunky yarn


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