DIY Kid’s dress featured on Living Locurto!

These past days have been pretty creative and manual!

I have been sewing some garments and also I made some cute gifts for my daughter’s friends birthdays.

Last year, I also made a customized gift for these friends of my daughter and I got featured on Living Locurto’s blog! An honor for me!

I have been following Amy’s blog for years, I love all the DIY for parties, home, schooling and other she proposes on her blog, so creative! and when she told me I had been selected to be featured on her blog, that made me so happy!

With my daughter, we decided to make a special gift for her twin friends birthday party. And since I make personalized t-shirts, we decided to make  2 little and cutie dresses for them by painting different motifs with fabric painting.

To see all the materials you would need to do the same cutie, you can view them on Living Locurto’s blog, where I explain the step by step which is very simple actually.



On my upcoming posts, I’ll be talking about the gift I made for the twins this year and the other sewing and DIY projects that have had me entertained for the past weeks! Stay tuned!


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  1. I am totally loving those tee shirts!!! So colorful and creative. Thank you for sharing your ideas. I might just do them with my kids over the weekends…

  2. Very cute dresses… love them! Congratulations on the feature!

    • Thank you ladies! I was very proud when I was featured, and the girls still wear their dresses one year later, so it is a pretty cool gift!

  3. Amaia, I’m visiting from the UBC. I love the t-shirt dresses, especially the one with the dots! And congrats on being featured on Living Locurto!

  4. Congratulations and oh my goodness, how cute!!

  5. How resourceful of you to make your children’s clothes. Not many people do that nowadays. However, I’m sure you’ll agree, creating clothing with your own hands gives such satisfaction.

  6. Cute! I love the tshirt dresses.

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