DIY Simple Dress (and FREE PATTERN here!)

Since last November, when I decided to take my “sewing career” seriously (lol!!) I have been doing lots of new sewing projects and I realize that I have been less active on my blog….
I make a new garment every week (sometimes a little bit more since I have done a couple of accessories/gifts for my friends’ children (I’ll write about them in future articles).
Since I did my training with Couture Nomad to become a sewing teacher, I have been redoing one by one all the projects that we did throughout the training (haven’t done all of them yet!!).
The first one I did was the beautiful yet simple Kenting dress for my daughter.
The next one was the Manado dress. So I took the pattern that you can find here and I made it in size L.
This dress is very simple to make and the result is just fantastic. I like the belt that gives it a different look, you can wear it with or without. I made mine in 2 different fabrics, the outer one is a denim like fabric, and the inner one is the one used for the whole dress.
There is no need to use a zip or elastic. So you can do this dress in a few hours.

If you are still reading (of course you are!) I have good news, since Couture Nomad is willing to send you for FREE their pattern so that you can also make this nice dress. To receive the PDF pattern and the Step by step with all the explanations, you just have to sign up here.
Please note that Couture Nomad will be directly sending you the pattern.
And also please note, that any of these links or patterns give me a retribution of any kind. It is just that I like the whole concept of learning an easy to follow sewing method and now teaching it to others, as well as having simple patterns with all the step by step, that I can not stop talking about it!

Get the Manado Dress pattern

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  1. Wonderful and great design. I truly like the color combination and the way it looks. Simple and Awesome.

  2. That is a seriously cute dress!! I wish I had the time to learn how to sew!!

  3. I love that dress!! I really need to work on my sewing skills. Thanks for the inspiration.

  4. This is a lovely dress. The belt really pulls the outfit together. 🙂
    You did a great job on it and it shows through your writing that you love what you do – sewing.
    I have a love hate relationship with sewing. I guess if I had a machine that I didn’t fight with so much I might actually enjoy it.

    • Oh I had that machine problem too! it was painful. I decided to buy a new one and it changed my life. Now, the time I spend sewing, I sew (not trying to fix the machine). Thanks for stopping by Sara.

  5. My youngest just got her first sewing machine. I’ll bet this is something she could make!

  6. What a cute dress! It’s simple and elegant!

  7. Thanks for sharing. I wish I was more crafty!

  8. Wow you made it yourself! It looks pretty 🙂

  9. OH SO COOL that you made that yourself!!! I have no creative talent like that !

  10. Oh, this is so beautiful – wait and no zip or elastic? I have to take a look at that pattern, and I love the choice of fabric – very retro!

    • Thanks Agatha, nopes, no zips or elastic. I was lucky with the fabric, I just told Sandy I bought it for really cheap in a “not cheap at all store”!

  11. Very nice dress you have made Amaia.Beautiful. Hv put in my details for the free pattern. Look forward to play around with it. One question, may I know where did you get your cloth from? Any recommendation? Thanks in advance.

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