Fabric Market in Haarlem – update

So as promised on my last article, I went to visit this Huge Fabric market that took place yesterday near Haarlem (The Netherlands). I felt like I was a “woman on a mission” since I had to report back to you 😉

My first impression was “wow!”. I entered the hall and I could see fabric stalls everywhere. It was really amazing.



I made a first tour, stopping already at some stalls and buying a few meters of fabric here and there, and then, once I have made my overall choice I went back to those fabric stalls where I had spotted some fabrics that I wanted to bring back home. fabric-market-netherlands-for-sewing-projects




The choice was honestly very good, you could find everything, from plain cotton, to leather and oil cloth.


The oil cloth stand was incredible. I wanted to buy every single piece. fabric-market-netherlands-for-sewing-projects


The choice of knit fabric was amazing, although a little bit more pricey, around 15 euros/meter.fabric-market-netherlands-for-sewing-projects


General prices ranged from 1or 2 euros per meter, to 20 euros I would say. There were a lot of good choices for 10 euros/meter.

I also was able to buy some coupons for 10 euros.

Overall? I came out of the market feeling very satisfied and with a whole bunch of bags filled with new fabrics!

My favorite of all that I saw was the oil cloth stand. I don’t even know how many different oil cloth choices they have, and they also have the same in plain cotton, so you can play and match them!


I see a new coat, a dress and a trouser here! (well, they are still in my imagination, just looking for the perfect patterns to transform these fabrics into garments).fabric-market-netherlands-for-sewing-projects

And here, underneath the oil cloth beauties, I see 2 jeans. fabric-market-netherlands-for-sewing-projects

I even bought 2 leather skins! 10 euros each! unbeatable!


Knits are always a good option, so comfy!fabric-market-netherlands-for-sewing-projects

There are more upcoming dates of this fabric market if you want to go and indulge yourself. Check them here.


If you know any other seamstress paradise like this one, don’t hesitate to leave your comment here, I’d love to visit more!




  1. Hi! I love this market, next one will be Sunday 19 February. Shopping for spring / summer sewing projects :). Also worth a visit is the (in Dutch) “Lapjesmarkt” in Utrecht every Saturday from 9am-1pm. It’s located on the Breedstraat, Utrecht.

    • I haven’t checked the new dates to avoid going and spending all my money again hahaha Are you going on February? Thanks for the tip on the Utrecht one, I should plan a visit!

  2. Hi! I love this fabric market. Next one will be Sunday 19 February. Shopping for the spring/summer sewing projects :). Another good tip is the (in Dutch) “lapjesmarkt” every Saturday morning in Utrecht from 9 am- 1pm (street: Breedstraat, Utrecht).

  3. This would have been amazing. I saw some great pics on your fb page too. I dont think we have anything like this in Australia.

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