Handmade baby doll carrier – Sewing tutorial & pattern

My daughter was invited to a birthday party and what a better gift that something handmade specially for the girl that throws the party, don’t you agree? The little girl is turning 4 so I thought that a handmade baby doll carrier would be something that she would like.

As with my other sewing tutorials and sewing patterns, I am sharing this one with you so that you can easily make a handmade baby doll carrier in no time and even using fabric scraps 😉

Are you ready to follow this baby doll carrier sewing tutorial? Here we go!

For this handmade baby doll carrier I used 3 different fabrics but you can use as little or as much as you can. You can play with different colors for the inside and the outside, the straps, the cap, etc.handmade-baby-carrier-for-dolls-sewing-tutorial-free-sewing-pattern


Fabric: less than a meter. If using different fabrics, see below for details

Batting: 46cm X 24 cm

Sewing timing: about 1 hour

Sewing pattern:

Outside Fabric: 1 piece 22cm X 22 cm (plus sewing allowances)

Outside Hood: 1 piece of 20cm X 22 cm wide (plus sewing allowances)

Straps: 2 pieces of 100 cm X 8 cm (plus sewing allowances)

Belt: 1 piece of 100 cm X 10 cm (plus sewing allowances)

Inside fabric: 1 piece of 42 cm X 22 cm wide (plus sewing allowances)

Bating: either 1 piece of 42 cm X 22 cm or 1 piece of 20 cm X 22 cm and 1 piece of 22 cm X cm (always add the sewing allowances).

Now that you have all this information, let’s start with this baby carrier for dolls sewing tutorial.

Once you cut the different pieces as mentioned above, you’ll have 6 pieces of fabric (if using different fabric on the hood and the main body) + 2 pieces of bating (or 1 if you decide to just have one piece. I made it 2 because I like the extra strenght the seam gives to that folding part).


With the outer fabric of the hood and the bating together, fold them in half (longest side), right sides toether.handmade-baby-carrier-for-dolls-sewing-tutorial-free-sewing-pattern

Sew from one side to the other, respecting your seam allowance (here 1 cm).handmade-baby-carrier-for-dolls-sewing-tutorial-free-sewing-pattern

Sew the same way the inner fabric (no bating to add to this one).


Clip the corner and turn your hood right side out.handmade-baby-carrier-for-dolls-sewing-tutorial-free-sewing-pattern

Pin the hood and the main body fabric (along with the main body bating) right sides together, and sew from one side to the other.


Your baby doll carrier will already look like this! Put these 2 pieces (outside and inside) on the side.


Fold the straps in half with the seams inside. handmade-baby-carrier-for-dolls-sewing-tutorial-free-sewing-pattern

One of the side doesn’t need the side seam inside as it will be sewn in between the different layers. Press the straps and pin them.handmade-baby-carrier-for-dolls-sewing-tutorial-free-sewing-pattern

Topstich your straps all the way around. handmade-baby-carrier-for-dolls-sewing-tutorial-free-sewing-pattern  I used a thread that matched the color of the hood. handmade-baby-carrier-for-dolls-sewing-tutorial-free-sewing-pattern

Place your outside and inside of your handmade baby doll carrier right sides together as shown on the picture below.handmade-baby-carrier-for-dolls-sewing-tutorial-free-sewing-pattern

Place your straps in between the two layers. Please note that the straps should upwards as the arrow shows (and not downwards as they look on the picture)handmade-baby-carrier-for-dolls-sewing-tutorial-free-sewing-pattern

Both straps should go upwards. Make sure that you only pin both extremes and that the full strap is not caught in your stitches.handmade-baby-carrier-for-dolls-sewing-tutorial-free-sewing-pattern

Pin everything together leaving the bottom un-pinned.handmade-baby-carrier-for-dolls-sewing-tutorial-free-sewing-pattern

Stitch from one side to the other, leaving the bottom open.handmade-baby-carrier-for-dolls-sewing-tutorial-free-sewing-pattern

Clip the extra fabric from the straps.handmade-baby-carrier-for-dolls-sewing-tutorial-free-sewing-pattern

Turn the whole baby doll carrier right side out through the bottom that is still un-stitched.handmade-baby-carrier-for-dolls-sewing-tutorial-free-sewing-pattern

Now, fold your belt in two with the seams folded inside. Press and pin the belt to the bottom of the handmade baby doll carrier, taking it in sandwich. Make sure that you place the middle of the belt right in the middle of the handmade baby doll carrier.handmade-baby-carrier-for-dolls-sewing-tutorial-free-sewing-pattern

Now you just have to top-stitch the belt throughout, and ta-dah! Your handmade baby carrier for dolls is ready to go!handmade-baby-carrier-for-dolls-sewing-tutorial-free-sewing-pattern

This is the inside of the handmade baby doll carrier.handmade-baby-carrier-for-dolls-sewing-tutorial-free-sewing-pattern

And here is the outside of the handmade baby doll carrier with the hood downwards.handmade-baby-carrier-for-dolls-sewing-tutorial-free-sewing-pattern

Now, the most difficult part of this whole handmade project is to explain your daughter that this handmade baby doll carrier is actually not for her but for a friend, when she has already adopted it as hers…handmade-baby-carrier-for-dolls-sewing-tutorial-free-sewing-pattern

I have a few more handmade gifts ideas, specially for girls. But for boys, I must admit I am lacking of inspiration… What would you offer either to a girl or a boy?

If you want to keep this sewing tutorial handy, pin this image for later.







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  1. In progress… Thanks Amaia 🙂

  2. I want to do that!!!!

  3. What a cute make. Would be a great make for Sinterklaas or X-mas.

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