Handmade Batik

We are traveling in Java, Indonesia, for our summer Holidays. And as usual, one of the things that I like doing when on holidays and specially in such beautiful countries like this one is try to find local fabric (to increase my fabric stash ????).

The whole family agreed to do a stop in a Handmade Batik workshop while we were in Jogjakarta so we could all understand this ancient technique of hand dying fabric.

The precision the workers had was impressive, either hand free painting or stamp painting the cotton or silk, the drawings were perfect and the colors matched beautifully.

Each layer of color means waxing the fabric where you don’t want the color to penetrate. That also means that once one color is fixed, wax is to be re applied to protect it from taking the next one when dying it in a different color.

An incredible experience and a gift to my eyes seeing all those beautiful batiks.

I have been nice to my wallet (and the no space left in my luggage) and I haven’t bought any batik (yet).

Seeing those fabrics makes me miss even more my sewing, on hold during the holidays.

I am writing this blog post from my phone so I hope the pictures are not too messy or small! I am writing from this incredible surf spot (not only that) so be bear with me ????

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  1. Malin Carlberg

    Very nice – that we can miss craft and being creative so much! It itches in my fingers too 🙂

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