Need to choose 2 sewing patterns

My lovely friends offered me a voucher to use on Anna Ka Bazaar‘s website for my farewell. They are all sewing fans (and Couture Nomad’s sewing teachers like me) so they knew that offering me the possibility to get sewing patterns, fabric or haberdashery items would be a great gift!

I love the idea and I loved the gift! Who would say no to increase the number of sewing patterns right?

As soon as I came back home after our last reunion (sniff sniff) I checked out the website to see what patterns to choose. The only thing is that the decision is tricky, since there are many of them that I like!!

I am moving to Amsterdam so I think a warmer kind of garment would perfectly fit my pattern collection. I already have a bunch of sewing patterns but most of them are perfect for summer, such as dresses, shorts, t-shirts, shirts. So this time I need something that would be better for a colder weather.

Checking the possibilities I saw many coats and jackets that I loved. But I also love the pants and a few shirts! not an easy decision!

So I am writing here to get a little help from you, if you were to buy 2 patterns from Anna Ka Bazaar’s selection, which ones would you choose? (bare in mind Amsterdam’s cold and rainy weather!!)

Here is a “little selection” of some of the sewing patterns that I like and are available on the website (and once the decision is made, I think those copper and silver piping bias tape will be included to the order!)

Sewing-pattern-2 sewing-patternSewing-patternSewing-patternSewing-pattern

I look forward to reading your advises before buying them! Have you made any of those garments? if so, don’t hesitate to share your version here, it will help me to choose the right patterns!






  1. I can see why you’re having trouble choosing, because so am I! They’re all really chic – I wish I could sew. Every time I’ve tried the thread always gets caught in a huge tangle ????

    I think the trench coat would be perfect Amsterdam. It looks like a really wearable jacket that you can put layers under if you need to without looking bulky.

  2. I didn’t make any of RDC patterns yet. Manteau Gerard was given to me and I’ve already bought some fabric. What a like about RDC is the stylish look of the garments combined with a comfortable look. I would love to try one of pantalon/trousers patterns.

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