January’s sewing classes

This month has been really productive in our sewing classes in Amsterdam. It is very joyful to see the ladies having so much fun and learning to sew so quickly week after week.

We started the sewing workshop right after the holidays, from where we left it in December. Some projects were still a work in progress like the Manille tops. And other students started a new one, choosing most of them the Lombok dress.

Below you can see how serious the sewing classes are! 😉 Everyone is focused!

A completely new project in our sewing classes came in, one of the students wanted to make a flamenco dress and of course I couldn’t say no! Seeing this project being made week after week has been a great pleasure, a few more stitches here and there and we’ll soon see the Sevillana dress. And I am even thinking of making a flamenco dress for myself (the only thing is that I don’t know when I could wear it 😉 )

The fabrics chosen by the students were all about polka dots as you can see on the picture above or red and white fabrics with stars.

Another unusual sewing project in the workshops started also this week. My students have followed the pineapple pattern design since the beginning and have seen all the versions directly in the sewing room. One of them decided to give it a try and she started yesterday. In just one sewing session she almost finished the pineapple cushion, there is just a couple of seams to make and the filling of the cushion and voilà, she will have her pineapple cushion at home!

A few new demands for sewing classes came in this week, so I am planning to open a new sewing class group on Thursdays from 9h30 to 12h30. To join us just send me an email to get all the information.

Look at this sewing room when is (almost) tidy and calm and the sun comes through the windows, I love it so much!!

My sewing room essentials under the Amsterdam sun ;-)

Apart from these sewing classes I also love helping people either through the sewing tutorials you can find on this blog, the sewing tips I give you here or even through the emails that I get. I love receiving all your comments, questions and projects, so don’t stop doing it!! I hope you get as much pleasure reading these articles as I do making those sewing projects and showing them to you.


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