Lunch Box Bag – Tutorial

Hello there! This lunch box bag project started a few days ago when my daughter started going to school and had to bring a lunch box. I thought she would love to bring it in a nice, cutie and personalized lunch box bag.

Follow the below Lunch Box Bag Tutorial and Pattern pieces to make your own Lunch Box Bag! So easy!

Cut 2 rectangles of 32 X 34 cm for the front and back.

Cut 2 rectangles of 34 X 14 cm for the sides.

Cut 1 rectangle of 32 X 14 cm for the base.

Cut 2 rectangles of 35 X 5 cm for the handles.

Add the seam allowances to all these pieces.

If you want to make a different shape or size, you just have to adjust the above accordingly.


Using 2 different designs of the oil cloth fabric I bought in the fabric market, I cut the pieces easily with my new pinky shears (also bout at the fabric market).lunch-box-bag-sewing-tutorial-and-free-pattern

First, sew the base with the 2 sides. Right side against right side.lunch-box-bag-sewing-tutorial-and-free-pattern

You can do the top hem on each piece now, or do it at the end. Up to you. Just fold down 1 cm the top end and topstitch.


Fold the handles in 3, leaving the wrong side inside, and topstitch twice.lunch-box-bag-sewing-tutorial-and-free-pattern

Place the handles on the front part and top-stitch them.

Top-stitch your velcro tape in between the handles. Or just, tape it if it is gluey one.

Then, sew the sides and base you sewn together in previous steps, to the front part. Right sides together.


This is how your first premises of Lunch Box Bag will look like.


Now, sew the other side of the base and sides to the back side of the Bag.lunch-box-bag-sewing-tutorial-and-free-pattern

Your bag is now closed and the handles are in. Turn the right side out and…lunch-box-bag-sewing-tutorial-and-free-pattern

Ta-dah! Your Lunch Box Bag is ready.


Now just fold the sides inside and double fold the top part to close the bag.  lunch-box-bag-sewing-tutorial-and-free-pattern

You can stick the other part of your velcro tape in this step if it is a sticky one. So you are sure that both sides of the velcro tape they fall exactly in the right place. (Mine are perfectly unaligned to the center as you can see…)lunch-box-bag-sewing-tutorial-and-free-pattern

You can also top stitch the base and sides of your bag if you want it to be more stiff.lunch-box-bag-sewing-tutorial-and-free-pattern lunch-box-bag-sewing-tutorial-and-free-pattern

I love the little tag detail…lunch-box-bag-sewing-tutorial-and-free-pattern

And here is my little princess all proud of wearing her unique, cutie, personalized (and very simple to make) Lunch Box Bag.lunch-box-bag-sewing-tutorial-and-free-pattern lunch-box-bag-sewing-tutorial-and-free-pattern

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  2. Great tutorial and step by step photos! It’s such a cute and unique lunch box bag.

  3. What a cute and practical DIY idea! I’m pinning this to my Tweens2teen joint craft idea board.

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