DIY – Macrame Wall Deco

If you follow my little adventures through this blog you’d know by now that we recently moved from Singapore to Amsterdam (if you didn’t know it, that is ok too 😉 ) 4 months after moving in, I felt that our house needed a little bit of personalized decoration so I decided to do a macrame wall deco. It adds some personal touch and gives a warm touch to the house.

To make your own macrame wall decoration you just need a wooden stick, rope or like here, chunky jersey knit. A pair of scissors will come in handy 😉

How to make your own macrame wall decoration:

Start cutting long stripes of rope and make knots with them in the wooden stick.

After the first knots, start knotting the stripes to one another. For my macrame wall deco, I just made simple knots taking the first stripe and the second, and continuing like that.

On the following row, I just left the first stripe alone, and knotted the 2nd to the 3rd, etc.

Keep going till you have the desired length.   Use another rope to attach the wooden stick to the wall.   Cut the bottom line in an arrow shape.

And tadah! your DIY macrame wall deco is done!

I love how cozy our living room looks now that we have added this DIY macrame decoration to it. It really makes it special and unique. It is so easy to make than anyone can do it! The most difficult part of making a macrame deco would be to find the wooden stick! But look around and you’ll be surprised how many broken branches you can find!


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