How to make a Girl’s summery capsule wardrobe series – N° 1

Last week we started packing up our baggage for our future holidays in the Ivory Coast to visit our friends. We soon realized our biggest daughter had not a single garment at her size for a hot weather. She has already outgrown all the clothes she was able to wear a few months ago and we haven’t renewed her summer rack yet (because not really needed in cold Amsterdam 😉 )

It was time to create a little “style me” project and make a new summer wardrobe for my daughter. I had a few days before going on vacation. For a week, I turned into a stylist and made what I have called a “girl’s summer capsule wardrobe”. In brief, she would like at least a dress, a few tops, a short and a skirt. If I could make all these I would be satisfied enough.

If I wanted to do all these garments in just a few days, I didn’t have time to trace any patterns so I’d do everything free hand, using some of the clothes she wore in the past or that she is wearing now and trace them directly on the fabric.

The summery capsule wardrobe (lol!) project was born and I am here to share it with you so that you can follow these simple steps and projects if you want to quickly sew clothes. If you want to easily make a capsule wardrobe for any girls’ size, just follow these capsule wardrobe series. In a few blog posts I’ll show you how to create different garments, perfect for Spring and Summer, that any girl would love to have in her wardrobe, without the need of tracing patterns; just using some of the clothes she usually wears or some that are already outgrown.

For this 1st summery capsule wardrobe project I decided to make a knit dress using a knit coupon I bought at the now famous fabric market I went to a few weeks ago (it was worth the trip!). Working with knits is pretty easy, specially if you have a serger.

To make her knit dress, I took an outgrown dress she used to wear a lot and just adapt it to her new size and height.

I first traced what would be the bodice by folding her now-too-small dress by the center and designing the same lines/shape but in a bigger size.

Starting first with the back and once I had cut it, traced the front and added a deeper neckline to it. Otherwise her head wouldn’t go through it 😉

Same length and width for both front and back, the only difference is the neckline.

Then I cut 2 big rectangles that I’d gather before stitching them to the bodice.

Sew the shoulder and side seams first on the bodice and skirt.

Here goes my gathering in order to be able to place such a big width of skirt into that tiny bodice.

After shirring the skirt, you just need to place the bodice inside the skirt so that the seams match and the right sides are together.

Pin the bodice and the skirt in place.

  And sew them together.

Again, with a serger, you can just overlock and sew the seams at the same time. The finishing will be neat.

Once you turn out the fabric, the knit dress is almost done. It just needs the finishing on the neckline and armholes (and of course the hem).

To know how big the neckline and armholes straps need to be, just measure them with a measuring tape, following the round shapes.

The straps can be cut in a straight line since we are talking about knit fabric. The stretch that knit fabrics have allow them to match the curves nicely without having to cut them on the bias.

I placed them as if it was a bias.

So this easily, and with the herewith knit dress, my first project of the summery capsule wardrobe was born.


In the next blog post, I’ll show you how I made a beautiful top with ruffled sleeves. And for that, I used this knit dress I just made 😉

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  1. You are so creative, keep it up and keep inspiring!

  2. Great post. You make it look easy. What is shirring? Or how do you shir(sp?) something?

    • Thanks Brandy! Shirring is the same as gathering. That is when we do little pleats on some part of the garment and they are (or supposed to be) equally distributed ????

  3. I love the cat print!! You’re very talented

  4. I’ve been thinking of taking up sewing so I hope you have some easy beginner things like this for women.

    • Wow Vicki, you came to the right place! in my blog you will find many super-easy-to-follow sewing tutorials and projects! I hope you enjoy them and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to let me know!

  5. This was so neat!! Great post babe xx

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