How to make a scrunchie elastic hair band

Carrie Bradshaw, all my apologies. You know I am a big fan of yours, I even was inspired by you to make this gathered dress here. I know I’ve watched Sex and the City so many times that I must know half of the dialogues… But I must say that I differ just in one of your opinions, the one saying that Scrunchie elastic hair bands are a no go. Because when you have long and heavy hair, most of the times what you want to do is just tide it up in a nice chignon, but guess what? if you don’t have a scrunchie band, most of the times it doesn’t work. So I hope that you’ll still love me if I write down this simple sewing tutorial to make scrunchie elastic hair bands 😉

So if like me, you wear a scrunchie elastic band to attach your chignon and you like sewing, this sewing tutorial will be really helpful for you. You can make scrunchies from any fabric scraps that you have so it makes it a funny and simple sewing project and you’ll use those remnant fabrics. A win-win situation!

How to make a scrunchie elastic hair band? Follow the instructions below.

Scrunchie elastic hair band, materials needed:

  • Fabric: 50 cm long X 6 cm high
  • 10 cm long x 0,50 width cm elastic band


In the case that your fabric scraps (or simply the length of your fabric) is not long enough, you can always cut 2 pieces and sew them together (in that case add 1 cm for the seam allowance). Sew the side seams

Iron the 0,75 cm seams inside and then fold the fabric in


Sew the edges of your elastic band. A zig-zag is a good stitch to sew

Insert the elastic band into your fabric. Just a part of it, because if you try to insert it all, the fabric will be all gathered and more difficult to

For that, I just pin it in place like

And then, you just have to top stitch your fabric to close the scrunchie. When stitching, be careful and insert the elastic band all the way through inside the fabric (so it all stays inside 😉 ).how-to-make-a-scrunchie-hair-band

In a few minutes and with just fabric scraps and an elastic band, you can do many scrunchie hair bands.

Isn’t this a super simple sewing project?how-to-make-a-scrunchie-hair-band






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