How to make piping bias binding

Make you own piping bias binding

Hello there!
I love using piping bias binding on my sewing projects. And a few months ago I heard that you could make your own piping bias binding on your own… at first I thought “no way!” but the more I use it (and run out of it) the more I started thinking about it.
I specially love using silver or golden piping and I must admit that the ones that I am able to find in the stores and not of the best quality. So I guess I had my own little exploring and trying sewing project excuse.
So, in addition to my latest sewing projects, I went searching for the materials that I would need and tried to make mine.
I just did it today and I am pretty happy with it, although the silver fabric I bought for it (first one I found) is not good either, but at least I see how it goes.

If you also want to make your own piping bias binding, follow the next steps:

– bias tape (that you can either buy or make yourself; if you don’t know how to make your own bias tape, just leave me a comment and I’ll do a tutorial in the next days). The 3,5 cm bias tape is perfect for this project
– rope
– normal zip footer
– sewing machine and thread of course

Making your own piping bias binding is a pretty straight forward thing. You just have to put your invisible zip footer on your sewing machine, put your rope inside the bias tape, pin if needed, and sew straight from top to bottom with your needle right next to the bulk left by your rope.



Here is a little video:

Making your own piping bias

And voilà!


Now, you know how to make your own piping bias binding. It only takes a couple of minutes if you use a bias tape from the market, and a few more if you make your own bias tape!
What do you think of making your own piping?


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  2. How cool that you’ve started making your own piping! I used to watch my mom do this. I wish I had her sewing abilities. I’ll check out some of your other posts for more inspiration 🙂 Bwg ~~~

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