March sewing lessons

Another month of sewing lessons! it goes so fast!

As you can see below, everyone is super busy during the sewing classes. Patterns all over the place, sewing machines, fabric, colored threads, sewing tools…


And right here, Marie’s bias practice! Not her favorite thing to sew, but she’ll come back to it and appreciate it (I am sure!).


During this month of March, many sewing projects were started and most of them finished!

After finishing her bias practice, Marie made, in no time, this lovely skirt for her daughter using the elastic thread shirring technique.Sewing-lessons-Amsterdam-March

Here, these two chipies are wearing the elastic band skirts their mum made for them! Double work for Eva as she has twins! 😉Sewing-lessons-Amsterdam-March

And I love seeing Fanny’s face while she is sewing and she sees that her sewing project starts to take shape. She wanted to do a tote bag and she was amazed (as well as her friends) with the finishing of this one she made. Isn’t it awesome?

Sewing-lessons-Amsterdam-March Natalie finished her first gathered skirt and now is making the Lombok dress for her daughter, using the same fabric Ana used earlier this month and that looked lovely, you can see it below. Sewing-lessons-Amsterdam-March

And since Easter Holidays are approaching and we are having a little break, Natalie decided to buy a easy to travel with sewing machine as recommended on this article here. This is the cutest sewing machine!!Sewing-lessons-Amsterdam-March

Here are the Lombok dresses made by Ana (mentioned above). And also has twins, so double the sewing practice!


Other projects were made this month but we are so busy during our sewing classes that I forget to take photos of all of them!! More to come in April!

If you want to join our sewing lessons in Amsterdam, don’t hesitate to contact me by clicking here! Sewing fun assured!



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