Maya Shirt Sewing Pattern review

Maya Shirt by Les Cousettes

A few days ago I was on Instagram and I don’t know how, I fell upon Les Cousettes picture proposing her Maya blouse pattern for free and oh well, who doesn’t like a cute free sewing pattern? So I sent Aurore, the founder, an email to get it. A few days back I received it by email and decided to make the shirt straight away. It is perfect for summer, short sleeves and open at the front, with some little details on the sleeves, the kind I like.

After printing the sewing pattern I took a few minutes to decide what fabric to use. And I decided to go with this foxy-bear-disguise-like fabric I bought a few days ago at Spotlight Singapore.


Once the pattern was all taped (it didn’t take long) I decided to make it shorter of 3,5 cm. Therefore, I also had to modify the darts at the back, and made them also shorter and finish higher.

I wanted to add a gold piping bias tape at the front, where the front and back part meet. That was a good idea, but Oh gosh! I completely forgot and sew them together… without the piping of course… I unpicked up everything, did the gathering again and added the gold piping. I am glad I did because it adds that little extra je ne sais quoi to this cutie monochrome fabric.


I liked the way the front button tabs are done in this shirt, I had never made it like this.

Little sewing tip here, when making the buttonholes, place a pin at the top of your buttonhole before using your sewing ripper. This way, the pin will stop your ripper if the naughty tries to go too far away; you will avoid ripping over your buttonhole (believe me, it happens).


To finalize the look, I added button of the same color as the piping, so gold it will be!

And here is the blouse. I really liked this pattern and I am pretty sure I will make more Maya shirts in the future.



If you are tempted to make this shirt, just send an email to Les Cousettes and ask for the pattern 🙂

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  1. Love this! Really beautiful design + fabric!

  2. I’ve that pattern, but still didn’t had the time to make it. Your version looks great. The fabric is wonderfull.

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