Mind & Body are conected and we are only fulfiled when both work together. Here are all the projects that I undertake that make my mind feel good. I don’t excell in each single project. This blog’s meaning is to show you that you can also begin those projects that you have been procrastinating because you don’t feel confident enough.

self improvement reading

Self improvement reading

I love buying books, I can buy 5 books at a time and then take years to read them. I actually read a few days ago that people that tend to buy a lot of books are very creative (that is my only consolation….). I also love jumping from one […]


Free 21 Day Meditation Experience

I have many times heard, and from many different people, that meditation is really helpful for the mind and the body. We always say that we don’t have time for this or that, but a friend has told me that 10 or 15 minutes of meditation per day, where you […]