OOTD – Navy vintage style

Hello handmade fashion fans!

Today I am wearing a navy vintage style or what I also call a very Jean Paul Gaultier style.vintage-style-handmade-jeans-sewing-blog


I made this vintage style trousers last week, following a pattern from Revista Patrones (number 366). Although they had shown in a heavy wool, I decided to make them in a jean fabric that I had bought at the Fabric Market a few weeks ago.

The pattern had the usual pieces of a trouser (there are always more pieces in a trouser than in many other handmade garments) but it didn’t seem like there was too much.

What I loved from this handmade pants is the side panels that give the visual impression that there is a pleat on each side, or even a pocket. And that is where the buttons sit actually.vintage-style-handmade-jeans-sewing-blog

There are also side pockets but they are kind of hidden after the side panels.vintage-style-handmade-jeans-sewing-blog

The waist is high (not the usual jean cut that I wear, but I like it); and it has two side pleats which make it even more vintage looking.

In the pattern the legs were straight but knowing that this kind of leg doesn’t fit my body shape I decided to narrow them towards the bottom. You can see that in the below picture (although I look like Virgin Mary because of my head position, so better to pay attention to the leg detail…)vintage-style-handmade-jeans-sewing-blog

I love making my own clothes and I am pretty proud of wearing them. Specially when someone asks where you bought it or they say genuinely they like it, and you have to humbly say “I made it”. So this is my OOTD or my Outfit Of The Day, as fashionistas like to say. What is yours?

Below is a bonus pic because making this pics without having a little blurry guest on them has been a difficult task ;-)vintage-style-handmade-jeans-sewing-blog

It is not my first Revista Patrones handmade garment and it won’t be the last one. Even though I think my sewing skills are advanced by now (it has cost me lots of broken needles and despairs believe me) I find their explanations more than difficult to understand. Does that happen to you with this magazine or any other sewing step by steps?



  1. You got skillz lady! Love the button detail! x

  2. It looks great. I like the navy look of this outfit. It suits you well.

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