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Last week I announced the launch of my sewing workshops in Amsterdam. Well, that is still on, but this week I am the one that is taking classes. I joined the Amsterdam Fashion Academy to follow an intensive course on Pattern Making to make a tailored jacket. Isn’t that great?pattern-making-sewing-workshops-amsterdam

I am so happy to be back to school! (you can see my silly happy face below)


Learning how to make patterns is an interesting process that would only enhance my sewing skills. And in the future, why not creating my own patterns! pattern-making-sewing-workshops-amsterdam


We started this morning tracing a men’s standard jacket and a women’s standard jacket and sleeves. It feels like playing the “connect the dots” game, with some calculation in between.pattern-making-sewing-workshops-amsterdam

I had already taken (twice!) a straight skirt tailoring course, but to be honest, I am not a straight skirt kind of person. So making a straight skirt pattern wasn’t as interesting. But you always have to start with the basics, don’t you?

Also, now that I have much more experience in sewing I easily understand the different steps to make a base (whether that is a jacket block or a skirt block) so is less like “eh? what are all those “+ 1cm for ease” for??

I am having so much fun doing this and I am sure this will take my sewing knowledge to the next level.

If you were to make a pattern, what would you start with?  

Below, some beautiful handmade garments… handmade fashion inspiration!




  1. Those dresses look awesome.Great job!

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