Pocket with flap – Sewing tutorial

A few weeks ago I was making a cargo pant from Revista Patrones and the pattern had side pockets with a flap. Since the sewing tutorial that comes with the pattern in the magazine is really minimal, the flap pockets weren’t very well explained. So I decided to do my little online research to find a side pocket with flap sewing tutorial and, to my surprise, I didn’t find what I was looking for. I decided then to use my incredible sewing skills and to make the side pocket with flap as I thought it should be sewn and took some pictures of the whole process in order to make this sewing tutorial for you guys.

Here we go with this side pocket with flap sewing tutorial. You’ll see down here every little step in pictures and explained.

First, once you have all your pieces cut you have to sew the 2 pocket flaps together, right side against right side, living the top part without sewing, notch the corners and turn it right side out. Press.

Now place the flap in between the front part of your pant (or whatever garment your are sewing) and the pocket bag. Right sides together.


The flap will be taken in “sandwich” in between the 2 layers.pocket-with-flap-sewing-tutorial

Sew the 3 layers together from where the flap starts to where it finishes. Then, snip the fabric just before and after the flap without getting to the seam you just made.pocket-with-flap-sewing-tutorial

Your flap will look like this. Turn your pocket bag to the back. pocket-with-flap-sewing-tutorial

Free your flap and press.pocket-with-flap-sewing-tutorial

Turn your pant or the garment you are sewing living the flap outside.pocket-with-flap-sewing-tutorial

Place the pocket piece on top of the pocket bag. Right sides together. pocket-with-flap-sewing-tutorial

Sew or serge the side and bottom sides. pocket-with-flap-sewing-tutorial


Turn your garment so that you have the front side on top. pocket-with-flap-sewing-tutorial

Place down the flap of your side pocket and place the back piece of pant (or the garment you are sewing) on top of your pocket piece (the side that is still unsewn) and the front part of the garment.pocket-with-flap-sewing-tutorial

The pieces should match like this.pocket-with-flap-sewing-tutorial

Pin them and stitch them together. Right side against right side of course.pocket-with-flap-sewing-tutorial

Once front and back pieces sewn together, this is how it looks.pocket-with-flap-sewing-tutorial

And your side pocket with flap is done!pocket-with-flap-sewing-tutorial If this sewing tutorial was useful I would be grateful if you leave me a comment here!

Are there any other sewing tutorials that you need help with?

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