Sew your own Gymnastics short

My eldest daughter started receiving some gymnastics lessons. And of course she wanted a sparkling and girly outfit. So I decided to make a cute short she could proudly wear.

After checking a few blogs online for the right pattern, I found the one I would be using on iCandy handmade

They are featured as pajamas panties on the blog, but I thought the size and format was perfect for what I needed.

I started printing out the pattern, of course (you can find it in the link provided above) and cutting the 2 necessary pieces on a black velvet fabric that I had.

Girl shorts free pattern

Making a short is pretty simple, you first sew the front and back pieces right side against right side, down to the beginning of the legs seams. Then, you put each leg together and you sew the U form to get the 2 wholes for the legs.

Afterwards, I made the hems and I added a pink ribbon to make it more girly.

And I finalized it with a gold elastic band for the waist.

Girl short free patternGirl short free pattern

I gave it an extra personalized touch by adding a ballerina fabric sticker I had (you just need the fabric sticker and an iron to paste it to the fabric, no sewing needed).

sewing a Gymnastic short

And voilà, the gym short was finished and my daughter delighted.

What is your actual sewing project?


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  1. They look really great. I like the fabric that you used as well.

  2. That is really clever! I’ve never really worked out how to sew shorts or pants as I’m more of a dress and skirt sewer but those look really easy!

  3. Stopping by from the Ultimate Blog Challenge. I love the ballerina sticker!!

  4. That looks great. Well done to you for making these shorts for her rather than buying commercial ones. You present a great example of motherhood with your helpful hints on sewing.

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