Sewing challenge on Instagram

Once again, Rachel from HouseofPinheiro embarked all us sewing aficionados into this new sewing challenge on Instagram, the #sewphotohop Instagram challenge.

During the whole month of September, she proposes a sewing related theme every day and instagrammers who want to participate share a picture representing it.

I love this kind of self challenge because:

  • you get to know other buddies with your same passion, in this case, sewing
  • you get even more creative
  • you get new ideas from seeing what other people do
  • in addition, you get a chance to win one of the various gifts that the sponsors are willing to give away

I have been following Rachel on her Instagram and blog for a long time now. She truly is an inspiration to me, from the fabric she chooses, to the patterns and even the pictures she takes! I am really grateful to her and the rest of the IG buddies who do this kind of challenges because it allows us to open our little world to other sewing fellows, and to get into theirs also.

The challenge started on 1st of September, but you can jump in any time (before the end of the month, lol!)

Here is the list of everyday themes


Sewphotohop, Instagram sewing challenge by House of Pinheiro


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  1. very cool sewing challenge. I wish I were a more experience seamstress. Right now all I can sew are pillows. Anyway, very cool post!

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