The Ollie Bomber (sewing project)

A few months ago a sewing friend posted her version of the Ollie bomber in a group where we share our sewing projects.
It looked so cute that I did my little research and I found the pattern made by Sew a little seam that I bought straight away. It comes in sizes from 12 months to 12 years old so I thought it would be perfect for my 3 monsters kids.
I decided to start with the 3 years old size and make the bomber for my 2 daughter since she didn’t have many comfy jackets.

For the outside I used a grey sweat knit that I had bought at Brighton (Chinatown, Singapore) and for the inside I used a remnant of fabric that I still had from my sewing lessons in Paris a few years back! It had some flowers so I thought it would be a good contrast.
The tiny parts of the size were so cute once cut out from the pattern.
It was the first time sewing this kind of outer pockets so it took me a few rounds of stitching and unpicking but then I got it right and I love them!
My daughter is in love with Hello Kitty (oh surprise!) so I embroidered a Hello Kitty face at the back of the bomber. (I also knew this was the only way she would wear it… We are in that stage of whatever mummy says, she replies with a no, so having her wearing the bomber would have been more difficult without the Hello Kitty).

Before closing the lining I tried it on her (of course she only agreed when she saw the Hello Kitty face!) and what she said is “more more hello kitty, everywhere!” Well, I understood that I had to embroider at least one more kitty at the front so she could see when wearing it (otherwise she was turning around like a “doggy trying to find his queue” in order to see the face).
So after my second embroidery (which I really liked doing) and closing the lining inside, the Ollie bomber was finished and child-approved!ollie-bomber-jacket-kids-sewing-by-sew-a-little-seam
Now that we leave in Amsterdam she wears it every day! She even wore it during our last vacation in Java, Indonesia. Here with her brother and sister visiting the Bromo Volcano! Very windy and cold in the morning, so the bomber was per-fect!ollie-bomber-jacket-kids-sewing-sew-a-little-seam I love this pattern and I can’t wait to see the adult version of it.


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  1. That jacket it adorable. We love Hello Kitty in my house too!

  2. Super cute! Love the little extras you put on to make her happy. 🙂

  3. You did a great job – it looks so ‘ready to wear’ and I mean that in the best way! Plus, customized with two kitties – perfect!

  4. what a cute pattern i must get into sewing clothes more

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