How to sew your home slippers – tutorial and pattern

My daughter needed new slippers and I decided to sew a new pair of them for her. I thought that sewing slippers for her was a cute project to make and she would be super happy to know that I had made them specially for her.

Together we had bought a foxy fleece fabric a few months ago and I thought it would be perfect to make slippers.

These slippers can be done in no time. So, are you ready to follow this tutorial?

Slippers tutorial – materials needed:

  1. sewing pattern (you can download it a couple of pics down here). UPDATE: if you are looking for a different size that the one graciously proposed here, now you can get them! Kids’ sizes go from 0-6 months to 10Y and Adult’s sizes go from 35 to 42. Click here to access the Kids slippers pattern page. And here to access the Adults slippers pattern page.
  2. outer fabric
  3. inner fabric
  4. Batting (this is optional if you want to make the slippers more comfy)

Sewing slippers tutorial

First, you can print out the free home slippers pattern that you can download by clicking here. Note this is for a 35 size; once downloaded, save the image and print it at 100%.

This home slippers tutorial in French and Spanish is available here.

UPDATE! Now this home slippers pattern is available in all sizes, both for children and adults.

The home slippers pattern for children go from 0-6 months to 10Y. Click here to access the hop.

The home slippers pattern for adults go from size 35 to 42. Click here to access the shop.

Measure the length of a pair of shoes the person you are going to make the slippers for wears, and adjust accordingly. The length in this pattern is 23 cm. This pattern doesn’t include the seam allowance, so just add 1 cm (or 3/8″) all around and you are good to go!

Sewing slippers tutorial

Sewing slippers tutorial

You need to cut the soles 2 times in the fabric and 2 times in the lining. And the outer part is to be cut 4 times in the fabric and 4 times in the lining (2 for each foot). Don’t forget to add the seam allowance as shown here.

Sewing slippers tutorial  Sewing slippers tutorial

Start by sewing the outer fabric at the top. Right sides together. From the extreme left to the mark you will see in the pattern.Sewing slippers tutorial

Press the seams.Sewing slippers tutorial

This is how it looks from the right side, just about 2/3 of it have been sewn together.Sewing slippers tutorial

Now, stitch the back of the slipper.Sewing slippers tutorial

When you turn it this is how it will look.Sewing slippers tutorial

You have a hole at the top, where your feet will go ;-)Sewing slippers tutorial

Do the same with the other foot, and with the 2 linings. Sewing slippers tutorial

Pin separately the sole to each top part. You’ll have to do this 4 times (2 for the main fabric and for each foot and 2 for the lining and for each foot).


Sewing slippers tutorial

Sew the 2 pieces around.Sewing slippers tutorial

You can serge the edges.Sewing slippers tutorial

Once you’ve sewn and serged them, you can knotch the round edges.

Sewing slippers tutorial

Insert your lining into your outer piece, right sides facing.  Sewing slippers tutorial

Sewing slippers tutorial

Pin the 2 pieces together at the top.Sewing slippers tutorial  Sew them together, living a whole that you will use to turn it all the way around. Sewing slippers tutorial

You can see here I left a space.Sewing slippers tutorial

Ops! turn them right sides out and you will see they are stitched where the foot is suppose to enter the slipper. That is correct.

Sewing slippers tutorial

Now, you’ll put the lining inside and the right side of the lining fabric will be the one that you see (all the seams are hidden in between the 2 fabrics). Here is where you can add the batting to your slippers. If you don’t want to, just jump to the next step. If you are inserting batting to your slippers, just make sure that you put the same amount all over; introduce it in between the 2 soles (remember that you have a hole).

You can also have a flat batting, in that case, you’ll cut it 2 times following the sole pattern and pin it to the outer fabric sole and stitch it together when you sew the upper part of the slipper and the sole. Make sure you pin it to the wrong side of the sole.

Sewing slippers tutorial

Once your batting is inside, fold the fabric in the whole you left. Sewing slippers tutorial

Pin it and top stitch the whole opening. Sewing slippers tutorial

Sewing slippers tutorial

And your handmade slippers are finished!Sewing slippers tutorial

Sewing slippers tutorial

You can fold down the upper part.Sewing slippers tutorial

And voilà, your new comfy, warm and handmade slippers are ready to wear!Sewing slippers tutorial

Aren’t these handmade slippers super cute?

This sewing project is super easy to make and with the colder season coming it is the perfect sewing project and handmade gift for the whole family.

Was this tutorial helpful? If you want to see other sewing projects or tutorials head here.

Also, if you have any requests for sewing tutorials or tips that you would like to see, leave me message below! I would like to hear from you.

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Happy sewing!












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  2. Juanita De La

    This tutorial and pattern are perfect. We do a Ministry project for Nursing homes. Too late for this year’s project, buying socks to take them. These will be more personal, made with Love ????????.

  3. Thanks for your great tutorial!!!
    My version is there :
    They are just perfect and I love them 🙂

  4. How would you add a nonslip bottom to these? They look super fun but my family all has hardwood floors?

    • Hi Norma, I would just cut the outside soles in a non slip fabric, something with a little bit of rubber or something similar. Hope it helps! 😉

  5. I just finished a pair using this tutorial. It was very easy to follow. But it’s not letting me leave you a pic 🙁

  6. I love how easy these look. Especially with your great pictures and tutorial. I think I’ll make mine with gripper soles and insert $ dollar store insoles. I’ll try an extra layer of fleece for the batting. I’m making a robe for my niece for Christmas, now she can have matching slippers.

  7. Cvetak Zanovetak


  8. How can I print this pattern please? I must be doing something wrong because I can’t find it…Thanks!

    • Hi dear, you just have to simply save the image with the patterns in it, on your computer, and then print it out. Hope this helps, otherwise you can send me a message with your email address and I’ll send it to you 😉 Hope you enjoy it and thanks for visiting!

  9. I have a lot of respect for this tutorial, it is really well done and easy to follow! Will check out more of your articles! ~Christa

  10. these look so cozy, especially now that it is getting a little colder!

  11. Those look so warm. I need them for winter, my feet are always cold.

  12. Thanks for the great tutorial. Best wishes Linda

  13. Awesome tutorial. I would love to make these for Christmas gifts. So many fabric options. 🙂

  14. Wow you are seriously talented! I’m sure your daughter loves these and you probably can’t get her out of them this winter! Hugs, Holly

  15. These are great, and that fabric is so cute! My daughter loves to wear slippers in the house and would love these!

  16. These are so cute! Thanks for sharing…they would make great Christmas presents!

  17. Looks so comfy and warm. Great for these cooler mornings we are having.

  18. These look SO cozy! I think I need a pair!

  19. I love these kinds of booty slippers! Saving your pattern and tutorial or making myself a pair. Thanks so much for sharing it

  20. wow!! I don’t sew, but my momma does 😉 Thanks for sharing this sweet pattern!

  21. Super cute slippers! Your tutorial makes it look so easy!

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  23. You make it look sew easy! Ha!!!
    Super cute fabric, great tutorial… I need a new sewing machine…

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  28. Very cute tutorial! I love the pattern you chose too 🙂

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    Beth || http://www.TheStyleBouquet.com

  30. Omg. I am so doing this! Will post a pic when I’m done… it may be a while though. I’m going to try these out for Christmas gifts. So excited. Thank you for sharing this wonderful project.

  31. These are too cute and I might actually be able to manage this project!

  32. This looks pretty simple where you can hand sew each one. Cute for Christmas gifts for the whole family.

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  35. oh these look so comfy, I will try them I think with some left overs


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