DIY personalize handmade Heart-t-shirt

St. Valentine’s DIY Gift

I love crafts and making things with my little hands. One of the things that I love doing is personalized and unique t-shirts. It all started when viewing all those fashionistas wearing these ‘call to action’ t-shirts or t-shirts with a lovely sentence or image, like “Make Love & Not War”, or “Je ne sais quoi“. I thought that I would be happy to wear my own personalized t-shirts and even sell them!

I then bought high quality and ethically made t-shirts and starting drawing on it. What first came to my mind was to make a huge heart, to spread the love wherever my t-shirt goes!

Instead of doing a red or pink heart, which I thought would be way too much girly for me, I used a shimmer opaque, or moiré, black, which, once dry, turns into a jean blue kind of color. Which finally is perfect because it is easily wearable with any kind of color and fabric.

Do you also want to make your DIY personalized t-shirt?

Here are the basic steps:

Supply list:

– One plain t-shirt. I would suggest starting with a white one so that it is easy for you to match the colors
Fabric Screen Printing Ink take the color you want to use. The one I used is moiré black. You can also buy some glitters.
– 2 different sizes of brush, a slim one to design the lines and image and a bigger one to paint the inside of the image
– Plastic bag to protect your colors from transferring into the 2 layers of the t-shirt (front and back)
– Baking paper to fix the colors
– Iron


– Place your blank t-shirt on the table and put the plastic inside the t-shirt, to protect the back side of the t-shirt (otherwise the painting might transfer). Make sure that all the space you will be painting is protected by the plastic. I recommend adding 2 weights (one at the top of the t-shirt and one at the bottom) so that your t-shirt doesn’t move while painting.
– Choose the design you want to do on your t-shirt (I recommend designing it first on a page) and start painting your t-shirt! Make sure that your hands are always clean because you will be touching the fabric and the t-shirt might get some paint dirts that you will not be able to erase. Be careful when painting because the brush will not slide as easily as if it was a paper.
– Use the slimmest brush for the outer lines, and the thickest brush to fill in the big images.
– Once your drawing and painting is finished, you can add some glitter to add some sparkle! Make sure you add the glitters while the paint is still wet, this will allow the glitters to get pasted.
– Let the t-shirt dry for 30 to 60 minutes (depending on the painting and quantity used).
– Then iron your t-shirt using the baking paper to protect your iron from any not yet dry painting that will stick to it. Ironing it will make the painting get fixed. Iron for at least 5 minutes, but pay attention to it to not burn anything!
– Your t-shirt is ready and can be washed in the machine many times without fading!

Isn’t this a lovely Saint Valentine’s gift?

DIY T-shirt

If you are willing to make a DIY gift for a man, just use the same technique, choose a male t-shirt and a sentence or image that he will like. For him, I used an alphabet stencil to help me making beautiful letters to compose my “Las chicas son guerreras” message. Literally translated ‘Las chicas son guerreras’ means ‘Girls are warriors’ but it will be more the way to say ‘Girl Power!’ (we have 2 lovely daughters and with me, it makes 3 chicas at home!)

With this easy DIY personalized t-shirt tutorial you can make that special St. Valentine’s Day gift in a few minutes!

Get your DIY t-shirt ink here. Click in the pic below





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