Twisted Plantain Tee

Well known is the Plantain Tee proposed by Deer and Doe (by the way this t-shirt pattern is free).
To me, it was me first time making a wearable garment in knit. One of my sewing friends suggested to do a Plantain-make meet up with 2 other friends so we could do it at the same time, which I thought it was a funny idea.
I made my first (yes, this is the kind of pattern that you keep on making) with a brown/gold sparkly knit fabric. And I think that with some chit-chatting, our Plantain t-shirts were made in about 1 hour and a half. It is a pretty straight forward project and Deer and Doe step by steps are perfect.

After the first one, it came the second… in a velvet-kind knit fabric.

I love the uncle (as they are called in Singapore) that is staring at me at the back of the pic 😉

And then, the third Plantain tee (I am sure it won’t be the last). In order to make it a little bit different from the 2 previous I decided to add some “ruffled-wings” to the shoulders.
I simply cut 2 half moons and gather the straight part of each one. Then, I just added them in when sewing the sleeve to the bodice step.

And this is how it looks.


I like how different it seems just with that simple twist.


As I mentioned, this is my third Plantain tee, and I use all of them very often. Now that weather is going to get colder it is a good time to try a version with long sleeves.

Have you made this pattern? What do you think of it?



  1. I’m impressed! I can’t even sew hole in my pocket together. Great work.

  2. Three great versions of the Plantain top. The sparkly looks so rich. The version with the twist on the shoulder is awesome and unique. I haven’t made the Plantain top yet. Love to see your version(s) with the long sleeves when it (they) is (are) ready.

    • Thanks Sonja! The long sleeves version is gaining some up-runner spots in my to do list since the weather is going to change pretty soon here, isn’t it?? ???? You should make one, it is really super simple, better to use a serger if you have one. Xoxo

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