An unexpected Wembley cardigan by Seamwork

I had this Wembley cardigan pattern for a few months. I knew the day would come I would like to make it. I didn’t know what fabric to use but one of the coupons I bought last week at the fabric market was perfect for it. So I took the pattern out and looked at some pictures of other seamstresses that have sewn it already. I wanted to make it longer though, my back is always cold so I like wrapping myself around a comfy knit.

I decided then to make it 20 cm longer.seamwork-wembley-cardigan-sewing-project

I cut the pieces in no time. As Seamwork says itself, this is a pretty straight forward sewing project that you can do in one hour. Really. Well, unless you encounter the little lack-of-concentration issues I had 😉

Can you believe me if I tell you that I made 3 times the same error in the collar piece? seamwork-wembley-cardigan-sewing-project

I sew wrong sides together once, then, unpicked it (the knit is pretty light so the edges already started to look less nicer), then, I stitched it again, and what??!! same error. And it is true that I made it a third time in a row… (I guess either I need to concentrate when sewing or buy more light for my sewing studio 😉 ). You can guess that the third time I made the mistake, I just cut through the stitching without even respecting the shape (bear me Seamwork).seamwork-wembley-cardigan-sewing-project

Sewing or overlocking the pieces together is super simple. Unless… well, remember I told you I had added 20 cm to the length??? Well, silly me, I didn’t add those same 20 cm to the front panels… and lazy me, after that third time making the same error, I didn’t want to re-cut the whole piece + 20 cm (that meant that I had to cut all 3 pieces because the collar and the 2 front panels were already sewn–>cut–>sewn–>cut… You see what I mean… So I decided to go as it was, knowing the my knit is super stretchy, it would make it!!seamwork-wembley-cardigan-sewing-project

Well, it is indeed stretchy but not to the point of an extra 20 cm… So my front part is a little bit ruffled-like, which actually gives a modern touch to my Wembley cardigan (well, it is better to find a positive outcome out of this laziness haha).seamwork-wembley-cardigan-sewing-project


Just as a note, I also added 2 cm to the sleeves.

At the end, in about 2 hours, I made a cardigan that I really like, even though it doesn’t strictly follow Seamwork’s cut (and even more, a good seamstress guidelines, lol!) and I really enjoy wearing it. It feels super comfy and perfect for an autumn weather. I will definitely make other Wembley cardigans and I’ll stick to this long length version (although the next time, I’ll also add the 20 cm to the front collars!)seamwork-wembley-cardigan-sewing-project

Pattern: Wembley Cardigan by Seamwork

Alterations: Added 20 cm of length and 2 cm on the sleeves

What do you think of it? Have you “hacked” a pattern before? What was the outcome?

Happy sewing!

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  1. You’re so beautiful! Happy you were finally able to get the collar right and create your perfect cardigan.

  2. It looks warm and cosy. Is it a “polar fleece” type material?
    Most of my sewing has been in a flour mill sewing up the tops of cotton and paper flour bags after they have been filled. usually the 100 and 140 pound sizes.
    Did you make the boots too?

  3. I certainly am not a sewer, but I love how you kept at it despite the setbacks! When you push through the adversity (or the silly mistakes that we all make!) the results are fabulous! Nicely done!

  4. Wow! It turned out great! I wish I could sew this well. The most I can do is put buttons back on haha. Amazing job! Thanks for sharing your tips and tricks. It gives me inspiration to use my sewing machine.

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