Cupcake Pillow – Free Pattern & Tutorial


Yes, you read it right! Here you’ll find a big cupcake pillow pattern and the instructions to make it in no time!
If you follow my blog (you’d better do or I’ll be sad ;) ) You’ll know that I love making handmade presents because I believe they are special and of course, unique.
So a few days ago, one of my daughters had been invited to a 5 years old girl Birthday party, and as usual, I ask myself what could I make for the party giver… And the idea came simply by taking a second look at the invitation card. There, there was a cupcake and the invitation mentioned a « Decorating cupcake party » so I thought it would be a great think to make a… you got it, Cupcake Pillow!

So I quickly looked at my LovelyTelas fabric stash (read my last blog post here if you want to know more) and I quickly found the perfect match. Pinks for the Cherry and wrapping, and a white with pinky and goldie feathers’ cotton. You can find the 3 fabrics used below, but you can play along with many combinations:
– Pink waffle
– Pink lurex for the cherry
– Feathers’ cotton
– Cupcake Pillow Pattern (free download by clicking here). 1 cm seams are included.

Instructions to make this simple Handmade Cupcake Pillow.

Once you have cut twice each one of the 3 pieces of the pattern, you just simply have to sew the bottom part (the wrapping paper of the cupcake) and the middle piece (icing of the cupcake) right sides together, the middle part facing down.

The pattern also contains lines in the icing piece so you can slice it in up to 3 different parts if you want to mix more fabrics for the icing part. If you do this, you’ll just have to add 1 cm allowance to each piece cut, and sew them together following this same sewing technique.

Once you’ve done this, iron the seams flat and add the small piece (the cherry) the same way you did with the previous parts.

Take the 2 front and back pieces made and pin them right sides facing in order to sew them at 1 cm seam allowance. Starting at the bottom of the cupcake, and leaving a gap un-sewn at the bottom.

Snip all the corners created by the curves to make it easier to turn them right sides out completely.

Through the hole left at the bottom, turn the cupcake right sides out. Iron flat all the seams and give it a nice shape.

Through the hole still open at the bottom, insert the batting, little by little, filling in all the corners and round scallops.

Once your Handmade Cupcake Pillow is fully stuffed, you can close the bottom with a slip stitch. And ta dah! the cupcake pillow is ready to be hugged!

As I mentioned at the beginning of this tutorial, this cupcake pillow was a present I made for my daughter’s friend, and I had some trouble making her understand it wasn’t for her ;) 

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