Handmade Garland – Sewing tutorial & pattern

In this article I will show you how to make a handmade garland. Making a handmade garland is very easy and is such a nice handmade decoration or gift for any occasion.

As in pasts articles, I love making handmade gifts whenever I can so when my daughter was invited to a cutie Birthday party I thought that making the cloud pillow I presented here + a matching handmade garland would be a nice gift. As usual, I spent about half an hour trying to match the perfect fabrics for it and finally I asked the girl’s mummy what was her favorite color. When She said it was blue, I thought that using my clouds fabric which was blue and white and making the cloud pillow was even funnier 😉

To nicely match that clouds fabric I decided to go with a white/pearly sparkle jersey that I also had. And I used a silver piping that I had made myself (I used it in the article where I explain how to make your own bias piping)

Materials needed to make a handmade Garland

  • 2 different fabrics (half meter of each would be enough). This is a perfect project to use all those fabric scraps!
  • ribbon, a long piece of fabric or bias
  • Triangle pattern: trace a 19cm X 19cm X 15cm triangle

To make a garland, you have to cut 10 triangle pieces. Here I am using 2 different kind of fabrics. You can do the same or use as many fabrics as you want. For this example you have to cut 6 triangle pieces in your main fabric, and 4 triangle pieces in the secondary fabric.

Sew the triangles 2 by 2 (same fabrics together), right sides facing, on the 2 longest sides of the triangles, as seen on the picture below. Leave the shortest side open.

Trim off the corner at the bottom of the garland triangle.

Turn all the triangles right sides out. Press them.

Trim off any extra fabric coming out of the garland.

For this handmade garland I used a bias tape that I had made myself and that I had used to make this bias piping tape because I thought the silver color was perfect for the overall banner. Instead of using bias tape, you can use a long piece of fabric that you should fold in 4 (like you would do with the bias tape) or even ribbon.

Pin nicely your banners in between your tape. Here I use once more my Clover Wonder Clips They are the perfect sewing mate for most of my projects.

Top stitch your tape taking all the layers together. And hang your garland banner whenever you want to decorate a piece!

If you are making this banner garland to be offered as a gift, you can always add your little label on it ;-)

Are you ready to make your garland banner?

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  1. Such a cute idea and great for parties! Thanks for sharing ☺️

  2. Lovely and great instructions!

  3. Really nice post and your way of presentation is very good Amaia. Handmade products always rocks bcoz they are traditional.

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