Make you own bias tape

If you are like me, you’d like this sewing tutorial, because I am a bias tape lover and I love making bias tape. It makes my handmade garments special, and also, making your own bias tape, is a nice way of using those fabric scraps you have left from other sewing projects.

Look at the tiny bit of Liberty of London fabric I had, and still, I made a super cute bias tape with it.

Do you know how to make bias tape? then, follow these easy steps.

First of all, note that there are different widths of bias tape, the one I made here is a 2,5 cm wide, but you can make a 3,5 cm, 5 cm, etc…

For that, you’ll have to trace straight lines on the diagonal of your fabric, also known as the bias ;-). To find the bias line, you can fold your fabric in 2, making a triangle (you can see in my fabric below there is a line created with the iron, that indicates the diagonal line that I needed to follow as guide). Trace as many lines as you can, separated by the width of the bias tape you want to make, if you are making a 3,5 cm bias tape, the lines you trace will be 3,5 cm apart.

The ones in the example below are 2,5 cm apart since I made a 2,5 cm width bias tape.

Once you have traced the lines, you have to cut them in stripes. Please note that the bigger your fabric, the longer the stripes you’ll get out of it.


When you have all the stripes cut, you will place 2 of them, right sides facing, making a 90° angle as shown below (like a reversed L). Make sure the triangle ends of each piece is out of the way (see there is an extra bit out on the top and right end side on the pic below?)


Pin these 2 pieces as you see in the below picture, using 2 pins that you will place diagonally.How-to-make-bias-tape

Now, stitch these 2 pieces from one of the corners created by the 2 pieces, to the corner at the bottom (this is the space you left in between the 2 pins).How-to-make-bias-tape

Once they are sewn together, open up the 2 strips, they should make just one now. Iron flat the seam and cut the extra fabric on the top and/or bottom.How-to-make-bias-tape How-to-make-bias-tape


Continue doing this with all the stripes you cut out of your fabric till you get the desired bias tape length.How-to-make-bias-tape

Once you have a long strip, you can fold it manually. To do this, you’d have to iron you strip in half all they way, then, fold the first half in half again, ironing it. Do the same with the other half.

To make my life easier, I bought this little bias tape maker gadget. With it, you just insert the end of your bias tape, wrong side up, and pull it through, while ironing the fabric that comes out of it. It is already folded the way it should be.

Please note that this bias tape maker comes in different sizes, they all have a number at the back that is almost half of your bias tape width, for example, for a 3,5 cm bias tape (35 mm) you’ll use number 18 (or 18 mm, which is half of 34 mm), for a 2,5 cm bias tape, you’ll use a number 12 (12 mm being half of 24 mm), and so on.



You can get this bias tape maker here.

And your bias tape is ready!


Now that you know how to make your own bias tape, you may consider making your own bias piping tape, just follow this sewing tutorial here.

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