Top 10 handmade presents for kids

I love handmade presents, I can not deny it. I think that when you make something for someone, that gift becomes special straight away. But finding what to make for everyone is not an easy task. For the past couple of years I have been making all the presents that my children give to their friends for their Birthdays, and sometimes I have had some trouble finding the right idea for them, depending on their age and the things they like. So in the article I intend to make your life easier if you are trying to find ideas for handmade presents for kids.
Below, you will find the Top 10 handmade presents that I have either devised myself, or that I have found in other sewing blogs and that I have tried and tested as well.

This list of Handmade presents for kids is randomly ordered.

Number 1.- DIY Doll carrier
A Baby Doll Carrier is always a great present for a young girl (or boy!). If they love playing with dolls, they’d love to carry them on this handmade Doll Carrier.
In the above link you’ll find the sewing tutorial and free sewing pattern.

Number 2.- Cloud pillow
I think that giving a handmade Cloud pillow as a Birthday present is always a winner. Who doesn’t like a sweet, comfy pillow to have in their room? Here you will find a free pattern and an easy sewing tutorial to make this cute Cloud pillow.

Number 3.- Pineapple cushion
Another kind of pillow, but this one is more for a decorative purpose, it is the Pineapple cushion. It is a pretty object that can be also used as a door-stopper or book-stopper if filled with some heavy weight (like for instance sand). Here you’ll find the sewing tutorial and the pineapple cushion pattern is here.
Pineapple cushion sewing pattern

Number 4.- Lunch Box Bag
A Handmade Lunch box bag, and by extension, a bag, is also a good present. This lunch box bag will be unique in addition to being super handy and pragmatic. The kid will easily recognize which lunch box bag is his/hers thus, making teachers’ life much easier 😉

Number 5.- Home Slippers
The nowadays undeniably successful handmade slippers (it has been a great hit all over Pinterest, follow me here) is a nice Birthday present; play with different types of fabrics and styles to surprise the lucky one! Find the sewing tutorial and free pattern here.
Sewing slippers tutorial

Number 6.- Scrunchie elastic hair band
Carrie Bradshaw used to say that a scrunchie hair band was a fashion mistake, and I guess this is the only time I didn’t agree with her as scrunchies make my life much easier still being fashionable! Make a set of scrunchies to offer them as a present. Find how to make them here.

Number 7.- White board cover
I found this tutorial to make a white board cover when I was searching a DIY birthday present for a 4 years old girl and I thought that it was extremely smart gift! Kids love playing/drawing on white boards and this handmade whiteboard cover gives it that special touch when they want to carry it.

Number 8.- Pajamas
I was really surprised to please so much the girl that received a PJ as a Birthday present. I thought it was kind of rare to offer such a thing to a girl but I was running out of ideas! She really was pleased with it (and so I was!), so I decided to add it to this Top 10 Birthday presents for kids list. Pattern is from Sew a little Seam, find it here.

Number 9.- Mermaid tail blanket
I think that one of my favorite birthday gifts from the past months is this Mermaid Tail Blanket. It is a girly blanket and I love that, you can be girly, cozy and warm at the same time, sure! Here you will find the sewing tutorial and here the pattern to make the mermaid tail blanket.
Mermaid tail blanket sewing tutorial

Number 10._ Soft Sword Toy
Finding a Birthday present is not an easy thing as I said at the beginning of this article. But I specially find it even more difficult to find boys’ handmade presents. My son loves playing with swords so I thought that a soft sword toy would be ideal for him as it is no harmful but he can still play his games. This soft Sword toy is super easy to make and it could be a good addition to lots of costumes. In the above link you will find the free pattern and sewing tutorial.
Handmade soft sword sewing project for boys

What other Handmade projects do you like making as a present for children? Leave your comments below!

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